Run For It

Your cause.  Our community.  Connecting for a common goal.  Growing together.  Supporting each other.  With virtual races, Run For It connects worthy causes with a global community looking for a reason to move. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Virtual Race?

A: Virtual races are the same as traditional races.  Except you have the freedom to run when and where you choose!  Not a morning person? Run anytime during the race period.  Bad weather? Take your run indoors. Going out of town but still want to contribute to your favorite cause?  Hit the trail, road, or track wherever you are.  Virtual races give you the flexibility to choose when and how you run your race.

Q: How do I create an event?

A: It's easy!  Click on Create A Run, fill out the form, and you will be contacted by a member of our team.  We'll get your event set up and posted.

Q: How can I find events?

A: Just click on the Find A Run link.  All of our current races are listed there.

Q: How do I submit my results?

A: Simply comment in the blog post for your race! You can also email your photos to or tag us on Instagram  We look forward to seeing how you use your freedom to run!

Q: Why does Run For It charge a fee?

A: Run For It is committed to helping non-profit organizations of any size raise funds with virtual racing. The registration fee allows us to operate the site and makes the service free for organizations.  Traditional races can be very expensive to produce.  Many virtual racing companies donate only a nominal amount to the cause they support.  Run For It passes 100% of the race fees to the organization.  One hundred percent.  The registration fee ensures that all of your money goes right where it belongs - to the causes you believe in.